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Old Joe Club Charities, Inc.

Est. 1994

Old Joe Club

Charities, Inc.

Est. 1994

Westmoreland Croquet Club Tournament

Hosted By Old Joe Club Charities, Inc.

The History

Thanks to friends like you, the annual Westmoreland Croquet Tournament has become one of the largest nationally sanctioned matches in the country and the most prized event of its kind in our community.

The 2023 Tournament hosted approximately 1500 people. We are proud to say that this is one event that invites the whole family. We enjoy and encourage our young generation to participate in our hopes they will grow and continue what we have supported over the years.


The Purpose of the Old Joe Club Charities / Westmoreland Croquet Club is to provide grants that support qualified 501(c) 3 organizations by holding yearly fund-raising events.

If you have questions or comments feel free to email [email protected].

Helpful Tips About The Event


ADULT TEAMS must register prior to the event $150.00 per team. Team starting times will be emailed to tent holder the week of the event. Please notify your guests of their starting time.


YOUTH (11-15yrs) & CHILDREN TEAMS (6-10yrs) are available with a $50.00 fee per team or $25.00 per player. Register 11:00-12:00 on Sunday under the Players Tent.


See the button below to register your teams!


All Occasions Party Rentals supplies rentals for Sunday. You need to contact them for extra tables, chairs, linens and anything else you may need for your party. Please contact them early. DEADLINE is Tuesday, September 3, 2024.

Your order for supplies will be at your tent location on Saturday, September 14th.

You may call 724-745-1500 or Email: [email protected]


These rentals will be handled as a separate billing directly through All Occasion

Click the button below to book your rentals!


Admission bracelets will be mailed to tent holders prior to the event. Sunday’s arrival is anytime after 8am.

Please take the time and mail your admission bracelets to your guests or have them picked up from you so they may enter the grounds without waiting.


CHILDREN under the age of 18 years are admitted free and do not need to wear an admission bracelet.


If there is a reason for not mailing, like last minute, just invited etc. you may leave them but only at ONE ENTRANCE which is upper lot (NOT the entrance that leads to tents).

If you have a Tent Car Pass, you must leave envelopes at the upper entrance then drive down to your entrance to access your tent.


The wearing of all white is madatory to the event. 


There will be a $10.00 Parking Donation to park all cars at WCCC.

Each tent receives car passes (# depending on size tent that is purchased) to enter the field area.

All other guests must park in the upper lot. We have golf carts to assist guests to the field area.


All proceeds will benefit Old Joe Club Charities, Inc.


A RAIN DATE is not scheduled. Regardless of the weather, we will enjoy our food and friends. So regardless of the weather, plan on coming for a fun day.


DELIVERIES may be made to your location on Saturday, September 14th. If possible, try to get any big items out of the way on Saturday, to help ease your load on Sunday.

A guard will be provided overnight to watch the area. We will make every effort to guard and protect your items, but we cannot be held responsible for damages due to inclement weather or acts of vandalism that is beyond the controls of the normal and the usual security precautions.


No eletrical hookups are available at tent locations, so please plan accordingly.

Some Smiles From Croquet

DIMARTINO ICE will provide ice on Sunday at their cost. His Truck will be located corner of field. There will be golf carts to help you back to your tent. 

TENT JUDGING  Judging is the format for choosing the best-decorated tents.

Three Judges will award tent decorations. There will be 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winnings. 

This is not mandatory, only for fun and it is your choice if you want to participate.


RESTRICTIONS    Advertising signs are not permitted to be placed in ground around your tent such as “donated by”, “catered by”, or “advertisement and campaigning” signs.


Croquet makes a sign to hang in front of your tent with your business name or family name.

These signs all look alike.

You are permitted to hang a backdrop from the back side of your tent to go along with Tent Judging and Decorating. It may pertain to your business but in good taste.


This banner must be approved by committee.


You are also permitted to have business literature under your tent set on a table.


In order to insure the comfort and safety of our participants, grills, extra canopies, tents, and pets will not be permitted.

Rules of The Game

Please see the official Croquet Club rules of play below, and download them for your reference if you or someone you know will be participating in the event.

Charities Board Members

Mike Rutigliano, President

Keith Gjebre, Vice President

Scott Turer, Treasurer

Duke Versaw, Secretary

Greg Lane

Jason Ross

Jack Smith

Chris Skatell

JD Shearer

Jim Vacarre

Rob Unkovic

Ernie Vallozzi

Julian Vallozzi

Celebrating Nearly 30 Years of Philanthropy

Every year, the Old Joe Club strives to serve the community with continued philanthropic aide to the charities and charitable causes of Westmoreland County. If you’d be interested in applying for a grant, or getting information regarding how to donate, please click below.

What It Really Means To “Support Local”

Helping Our Community Prosper

The Old Joe Club is more than a club, it’s a passion. It’s a purpose-fueled passion for stimulating philanthropy in and around Westmoreland County and the surrounding areas. Join us, won’t you?

How Our Granting Process Works



We offer a seamless and easy application process to not only make supporting your cause an easy thing to do, but also to learn about who and what we would be supporting through our philanthropy. It’s imperative to us to give every opportunity to help you and your cause.



Our review board will review your grant application when we are preparing for our regular distribution. During this process, we will be doing our due diligence to see where your need aligns with our mission. This process typically happens x amount of times per year.



Upon approval, the Old Joe Club Charity and its board will be reaching out to yourself and other applicants with a formal decision. If approved, we will formally present the issued grant to you at your place of business for an opportunity for photos and the handover.

Send a Message


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